Demystifying menopause: Change in life doesn’t have to be life-changing

It doesn’t take many cobra poses or pickup games of basketball with your kids to realize that, as we age, we can’t do the things we were once accustomed to doing. As a woman at the threshold of 40, it takes a little longer to catch my breath, to bend down to pick up a […]

How to Find the Best Home Health Care

You’ve spent your life knowing your parents and loved ones were there for you providing support, safety, and love. Now, as the roles reverse and the health of your loved one declines, you may be facing the reality of finding proper home care. Mindy Hill, marketing director for iCare Home & Hospice understands this process […]

Park Manor Antique Car Show

Park Manor will be having an Antique Car Show during National Nursing Home Week. We’ve teamed up with the Walla Walla Historical Auto Club, and they will be cruising by for an appearance at our facility on Sunday, May 8th at 2:40 pm, where our patients will have the opportunity to witness an Antique Car […]